Omega SEAMASTER 600m 43.5mm Coaxial GMT Two-place Time Diving Fake Watch Replica Watch

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SEAMASTER 600m 43.5mm Coaxial GMT Two-place Time Diving Fake Watch Replica Watch. Partial polishing treatment of brushed case

Electroplating protection process of black ceramic watch ring

The silver scale of the word circle is not easy to wear and fade

24-hour watch making ring can rotate in both directions

Dome-type sapphire mirror is coated with anti-glare film

Black dial

The stainless steel logo and time mark 6 9 12 are separately designed in bold orange

Polished arrow pointer design

Orange arrow 24-hour GMT watch needle

24 hour time scale on the corresponding dial

Blue-green two-color glow

Minute needle green luminous display and green luminous dot on the watch circle are used for diving oxygen countdown

Multiple waterproof screw-in crown and helium valve

True helium valve

The pressure in the gauge can be released by unscrewing the exhaust

Can be worn by diving

Transparent back movement is clearly visible

Dismantle the original photo structure to reproduce the 8605 movement (other ordinary movements on the market are equipped with splints), and the integrated movement

It is no longer a set of splints

Every screw and gem has real functions

No longer a decorative patch

Double spring box

70 hours kinetic energy

Clockwise adjustable

Time regulation and stop

The crown has no calendar file

Adjust the clock independently to drive the calendar to jump

Reversible clockwise adjustment drives the calendar to jump backwards

Adjust the minute hand to drive the GMT hand

The GMT needle does not move when adjusting the clock

The adjustment mode and direction are the same as the original

Function synchronization

The position, size and color of the wheel are consistent with the original

Black cycloid

Black screw

Real function nivachoc shock absorber

The appearance details are highly consistent

Double spring box

Two-way chain up

Parts can be interchanged with ZP

Fine steel wire drawing three-row watch strap

The removal method of the watch strap is the same as that of the genuine product

Middle independent fixed rod design belt

Folding double snap fastener

With first-level extension

Open and extend the wearable deep diving suit when diving

Surface diameter 43.5mm

VS produced.

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